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What Makes FUL® ?

Most plant-based protein isn’t ‘complete’. FUL superfood is on par with animal protein. This includes key amino acids, arginine and glutamine to help to develop & maintain 2 types of strength: power & speed.

Known for its anti-inflammatory action and creation of red blood cells (i.e. promoting the transport of oxygen to the muscular and immune system).

Helping liver detoxification, improving digestion, fighting cancer and speeding up wound healing.

Helping with the normal functioning of the immune system and iron absorption.

Strengthens bones and actively fights against tiredness and fatigue.

Helping you convert food to fuel. Bringing you a fresh whack of natural energy.

Helping to preserve many vital functions in the body, improving energy and focus.

Helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure and support the immune system.

Linked to many powerful health benefits. Known to reduce blood pressure and water retention.

“Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense natural substances on the planet.”

“Spirulina is one of the  most nutrient-dense natural  substances on the planet.”

By that we mean we don’t just do less harm, FUL® aims to actively benefit the planet. A foundational aspect of the FUL Foods mission is creating a fully carbon negative product (capturing more CO2 than we emit in our production process). Although carbon neutral is the current gold standard of sustainability, for humanity to address the course of climate change, we need to go one step further. We need products and practices that give back to the environment.

FUL® superfood is naturally carbon negative (it actually captures around 2x its weight in CO2 – and more than 200x the amount of CO2 trees can). FUL’s primary goal is for our entire value chain to be carbon negative so that every ounce of our superfood refreshes the planet while nourishing people.

Unlike other sources of nutrition coming from animals or plant-based sources like soy, FUL® superfood (and algae in general) can also be grown in a scalable way that avoids damaging the earth through biodiversity loss and pollution. Our superfood requires very limited (natural) resources to grow.– no arable land (so you don’t have clear critical forests), no polluting chemicals or fertilizer, and very limited amounts of fresh water.

We’re committed to balancing people, planet, and profit in equal measure.
We’re committed to impact through innovation.
We’re committed to transparency as we quest to turning consumption into an act of goodness for people & planet.

Join us on this journey. It’s just the beginning.

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